Mallett Performance Cars | Mallett Supercharger On Display in Arizona
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08 Feb Mallett Supercharger On Display in Arizona

The Mallett Supercharger system, available for sale now here, has been transforming Colorados and Canyons around the country.

With an extra 100HP, an extra 100ft-lb of torque, an extra 4.3MPG without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty, it’s easy to see why the Mallett Supercharger system is gaining in popularity.

This orange beauty is currently on display at the Lamb Chevrolet showroom in Prescott, Arizona. If you’re in the Prescott area, be sure to check it out in person at 400 Prescott Lakes Parkway, or give Dave Severson a call at 928.830.6590.

And if you’d like to supercharge your Colorado or Canyon, click here to get started.

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