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11 Jun Fullsize THROWBACK

Starting with a 4WD 2014 Silverado 1500, we set out to give the body a custom throwback look. The front and rear bumpers are all custom chrome pieces that received 200 hours of work alone. Above the front bumper, the grille is an all-welded custom fabricated insert. Down the sides you’ll find trim molding that separates the red and white PPG paint scheme. Most don’t realize the amount of work that went into just the molding. Each piece is made out of 3003 sheer that was cut and bent on a break before welded. We then hand filled and hand sanded each piece before we masked off and measured so that all the stripes matched perfectly when it was mounted on the truck.


At the back of the truck we removed all the plastic bed pieces, and now the bed tops are all new one-piece units, whereas the tailgate top is all new steel. We also went as far as to have custom rear bezel tail lights installed to help achieve that 70’s C10 look. At the corners you’ll find that the truck wears 1956 Chevrolet reproduction hubcaps to further achieve the throwback look.


The bodywork alone on this truck is staggering, but don’t make the mistake of not looking under the hood. We put a lot of time and effort into the engine and are proud to say that it puts down almost 800hp at the rear wheels.”


800hp at the rear wheels… on a 2014 Silverado! We started by pulling the 6.2L L86 V8 and stripped it down to the bare block. They then installed a Billet Callies Crankshaft and Ultra I-beam rods. From there we utilized Wiseco Gen5 LT1 pistons, Calico Coated bearings, a custom Comp Cam, CV Products push rods, and an ARP head stud kit. Fully balanced and blueprinted, this engine was already impressive before the addition of the Whipple supercharger. Running 13lbs of boost, the Whipple blower looks right at home in the engine bay. Spent gasses travel out Kooks long-tube headers and a 3” exhaust to create a breathtaking sound upon ignition. To get the truck low, the team opted to utilize a McGaughy’s suspension kit.  We took a McGuaghy’s two-wheel drive kit and machined it to work for a four-wheel drive vehicle.

With a blend of classic and modern continues. We outfitted the seats with a custom Houndstooth interior pulled from the iconic F-bodys. Then outfitted every plastic piece inside the interior with a special chrome spray to give it more of a steel appearance. The door panels were also outfitted with aluminum rolled inserts equipped with the same Houndstooth to continue the theme from the seats to the doors.



Year/Make/Model: 2014 Chevrolet Silverado

Color: PPG Red and White from Lake Norman Paint and Body

Engine: Custom built 6.2L L86 V8

Transmission: Factory 6-speed automatic

Suspension: McGaughys 2-wheel drive drop kit machined to fit a 4-wheel drive.

Brakes: Factory 4-wheel disc

Wheels & Tires: Reproduction 1956 hubcaps that fit on 22” rims

Exterior Mods: Custom aluminum trim molding, custom front and rear bumpers, custom tail lights, and custom tailgate.

Interior Mods: Custom Houndstooth interior

Audio: Factory

Horsepower/torque: Close to 800hp at the rear wheels

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