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Mallett Performance Cars is excited to partner with First Mutual Finance to facilitate easy, affordable financing options for all of our consumer products, including the Mallett Supercharger and Mallett Custom Exhaust systems.


First Mutual Finance is offering a fixed 14.99% APR for up to 60 months on the following products and services. All prices below include shipping & handling.


Mallett Supercharger System for 2015+ Colorado/Canyon: $7,400
Mallett Performance Cars Supercharger Installation: $1,200
Full Exhaust System: $1,750
Cat-Back System: $1,150
Mallett Performance Car Exhaust Installation: $150*


*Note: if a Supercharger and Exhaust system are purchased together, Mallett Performance Cars will waive the installation fee for exhaust.

Once you’re ready to make a purchase, you can complete your financing application by clicking here. Use the calculator below for an estimated monthly payment.



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