Mallett Performance Cars | The Mallett 300HP Supercharged Sky and Solstice
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The Mallett 300HP Supercharged Sky and Solstice

Standard features include:

  • Bolt-on supercharger kit for your 2006+ Pontiac Solstice or Saturn Sky 2.4L Ecotec
  • Vortech Supercharger boosts the twin cam Ecotec to 300HP at the crankshaft!
  • Vortech PowerCooler
  • Wheel HP:
    Stock: 147HP
    Mallett Supercharged: 256HP
  • Wheel Torque:
    Stock: 148ft-lbs
    Mallett Supercharged: 208ft-lbs
  • Available as a Do-It-Yourself bolt-on kit or let Mallett’s experienced and professional crew install it for you.
  • Complete kit starting at $6,995 including Engine Control Module programming
  • Mallett Conversion packages featuring custom embroidery, big brake upgrade, shocks and more starting at $14,995
  • Please call (216)-905-0029 for more info




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