The Mallett Wheel Collection

Introducing the latest collection of Mallett Wheels. All of our wheels feature the highest possible quality finishes and are built to last. They'll survive the harshest race and street use. Many are available in polished, brushed, or your choice of powdercoat finishes to fit your personal style.

Mallett Cars is now carrying Forgeline three-piece forged wheels. These high quality wheels are perfect for both street and race applications. They are available to fit Corvettes, CTS-Vs, XLR-V's, Escalades, Solstices, and Skies. Additionally they can be built in custom offsets. For a very limited time, Mallett Cars is offering special introductory pricing. Prices shown are for powdercoated centers with polished lips.

Please note that availability may vary by size and color combination in some cases. Please feel free to call us with any questions. All prices below do not include tires, mounting, or installation. We offer professional mounting and balancing using state-of-the-art equipment for vibration free driving. In some applications, wide wheels may require the wheel wells to be "tubbed" or the use of modified spindles.



Forgeline Three-Piece Forged Wheels

  • Fitment:
    • C5 Corvette
      • 19x9.5 front, 19x11 rear - $4,400
    • C6 Corvette
      • 19x9.5 front, 19x11 rear - $4,400
      • 19x9.5 front, 20x11 rear - $4,470
    • Solstice / Sky
      • 19x9 front & rear - $4,280
    • CTS-V
      • 19x9 front & rear - $4,280
    • XLR-V
      • 19x9 front & rear - $4,280
      • 20x9 front & rear - $4,480
    • Escalade
      • 22x9 front & rear - $4,920
  • Available Finishes:
    • Center: Black, Gun Metal, or Silver powder coat, polished, chrome, or custom paint.
      Lip: chrome, polished, custom paint.

Forgeline ZX3P


Forgeline ST3P

Forgeline SP3P


Forgeline SS3P


Forgeline SO3P (Show in Gun Metal with optional Diamond Edge Finish)

Mallett Slick Wheel

  • Fitment:
  • Sizes:
    • 18x9.5, 18x11
  • Available Finishes:
    • Smoke Grey Paint (Shown)
    • Chrome
  • Price:
    • Painted: $1,299 per set
    • Chrome: $1,369 per set

Mallett Slick in Smoke Grey Paint


HRE Mallett Wheel

  • Many styles available. Please call for current availability.
  • Fitment:
  • Sizes:
    • 18x9.5, 18x11, 18x12, 19x11, 19x12
    • Custom sizes available
  • Available Finishes:
    • Grey Paint with Polished Lip (Shown)
    • Polished
    • Black Paint
    • Custom finishes available
  • Price: Starting at $4,295 per set

HRE 842R in Grey Paint with Polished Lip


Mallett CTS-V 1-Piece Wheel

  • Fitment:
  • Sizes:
    • 19x9
  • Available Finishes:
    • Powdercoated
    • Polished Aluminum
    • Brushed Aluminum (Shown)
  • Price:
    • Powdercoated: $3,095 per set
    • Polished: $3,395 per set
    • Brushed Aluminum: $4,033.61 per set
    • Available in the Mallett Ground Pounder Package including 275/35R19 Michelin PSII Tires and modified front spindles: $5,811.90 + Labor

Mallett CTS-V Custom 1-Piece in Brushed Aluminum

Mallett 396 Wheel Replacment Center Cap

  • Fitment:
    • Mallett C5 396 Wheel
  • 2 piece design bolts on from behind. Will never fall off.
  • Can be powdercoated, brushed, or polished to match your existing wheels.
  • Price:
    • $250 per set of 4 with hardware